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Bukhanovskiy Alexander Olimpievich
President of the Center, psychiatrist, expert in narcology

Bukhanovskiy Alexander Olimpievich
Psychiatrist and expert in narcology, top qualification category doctor
Merited doctor of the Russian Federation
Doctor of Medicine
Head of the Psychiatry and Narcology Department at Rostov State Medical University
Member of the Presidium of the Psychiatrists Society of Russia
Commissioner in clemency at the Rostov Region Governors Office
Honorary member of the Association of European Psychiatrists
Foreign fellow of the American Psychiatric Association
Member of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law
Member of the American Academy of Judicial Sciences
Member of the editorial boards of several psychiatric journals

Alexander Olimpiyevich was born on February 22, 1944, in Grozny. He is doctor in the third generation. His grandfather Sarkisiants Aram Samuilovich graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Kharkov University, and became one of the first organizers of a public health service in Chechnya, establisher of one among the earliest microbiological services in the Caucasus. The mother Sarkisiants Evelina Aramovna was a dentist, who had more than 40 years worked at one and the same medical sanitary hospital of the Krasny Molot Works (Grozny). The daughter Bukhanovskaya Olga Alexandrovna is the fathers pride. Keeping her family traditions she is a hereditary highly skilled psychiatrist, Head Doctor of the Phoenix Center. Alexander Olimpiyevich hopes that his grandson Zhenia too will choose the path of the family professional traditions.

After finishing 7 years education at secondary school and at the suit of his mother and grandma Olga Arkadiyevna, Alexander Olimpiyevich entered Chechen-Ingush Republican Medical School, which he later left with honors. At those times he showed interest to psychiatry under the influence of his first psychiatry teacher, Head Psychiatrist of the Chechen-Ingush Republic Alexander Ivanovich Glinos. In 1968 he with honors graduated from Rostov State Medical Institute. Between 1968 and 1970 he was called to military service becoming a doctor in the Red-Banner North Fleet (Severomorsk).

His early interest to psychiatry became a real passion and consolidated during his first year of studies. At the Psychiatry Department he made all the way from an orderly to the Department Head. There he studied in the students research circle (from his second year), at residency, and as a postgraduate. He was taught by Professor M.P. Nevsky, Assistant Professors V.A. Kitian, Yu.A. Kutiavin, O.Ya. Seletsky, Doctor S.P. Kravtsova.

A.O. Bukhanovskys dominant feature, which was noted in his younger years and is still there now, is his permanent strive for professional improvement, training, mastery of the new. For 40 years already he has been employed in psychiatry. A top qualification category doctor, he made a significant contribution in the development of medicine in the Don Country and in Russia. During the years of his practice Professor Bukhanovsky A.O. has cured over 5,000 patients, including most serious and complicated cases. It was in June 1991, that he established our Center, which, first under his own guidance, and in the later years under O.A. Bukhanovskayas command, acquired a status of a leading mental service for cure and diagnostics in the Rostov Region, Southern Federal Area, and in Russia. Each year there are new Russian-speaking patients coming to the Center from Israel, France, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, USA, as well all from the CIS states.

Professor Bukhanovsky A.O. has always worked with regard to the acute social problems, often closely associated with high responsibility and risks. Thus, way back in 1969, when genetics was not yet completely rehabilitated in the USSR, he took a great interest in the genetics of mental disorders and defended a thesis paper in the genetics of schizophrenia. In 1980 he was among the first Soviet psychiatrists, who started learning transsexualism and the change of gender. He could be sued in those years for this (formally for grievous bodily injury). In spite of it all, he accumulated the richest material in Europe (500 patients, 140 people with changed gender). Using these materials, only in accordance with the number and significance of these papers, he defended his doctorate degree thesis. Bukhanovsky A.O. is among the founders of the new science named criminal psychiatry. It was he who in 1984 started creating the prospective portrait of a serial killer (Chikatilo, as it was later found out). This brought world fame to Bukhanovsky. These days he and Olga Bukhanovskaya are recognized world leaders in comprehending the phenomenon of a serial killer. Alexander Olimpiyevich is also a visiting professor and expert at FBI and its Academy (USA).

In 1999 he developed and implemented a new original model of organizing psychological and psychiatric aid to those who have suffered in contingency. It was he who headed a group of operative psychological and psychiatric reaction at the office of the Rostov Region Vice-Governor A.I. Bedrik and directed such aid after the act of terrorism in Volgodonsk in 1999, as well as after the disaster of the Zapadnaya-Kapitalnaya coal mine.

Bukhanovsky A.O. is among the most successful and skilled psychiatrists. He perfectly knows and applies up-to-date methods of diagnosing and treating any mental disorders occurring at any age. He and his staff obtain excellent results in the treatment of the most difficult, often inveterate cases. An opportunity to be a patient of Prof. Bukhanovsky and the Phoenix Center is a possible way to a new life.

Alexander Olimpiyevich is distinguished for his devotion to the highest moral principles of medicine. He can deeply perceive the problems of his patients and their relatives, and he tries to reach the best result possible. This man is responsible, honest with his patients and their relatives, and he has his heart in his job.

He combines his everyday work with his research and teaching practices. The Department headed by him, being a large and prestigious subdivision in the Region, undertakes post-diploma training in the Southern Federal Area in four lines. He is an author of more than 300 publications, 80 of which number have been published abroad. He has also published 3 monographs, 8 manuals, encyclopedic reference books and textbooks for doctors, and in 2001 he received a patent for invention. Under his supervision, written and defended were one doctorate and eight PhD thesis papers. Bukhanovskys learners won the most prestigious international (Madrid, 1996; Hamburg, 1999; Berlin, 2000; Montreal, 2002) and Russian (2001 and 2003) competitions.. . . .. Bukhanovsky a member of the Psychiatry Section of the Academic Council of the Ministry of Health of Russia, member of the Presidium of the Russian Psychiatrists Society, fellow of two American Academies, European and World Psychiatrists Associations. In 2002, in Stockholm, among other first European psychiatrists he was elected as a honorary member of the Association of European Psychiatrists. Bukhanovsky A.O. is a professor of two faculties of Rostov State University, as well as two universities in the USA, he lectured in the FBI Academy (USA), was granted a diploma of the American Program for Forensic Psychiatry.

For his faultless work he was publicly thanked by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, Head of the Administration (Governor) of the Rostov Region, Rector of Rostov Medical University.

In 2006, by the Decree of the President of Russia, he was given a title of honor Merited Doctor of Russia.

He of himself: I never knew my Grandpa, yet I was brought up by Grandmas stories about him and by mothers example, by their selfless service and complete devotion to the patients at any time at all. I have always been, and am still proud of the love to them and their memory on behalf of the patients and all those who knew them as doctors, after so many years, even after their death. Establishment of the first Russian non-governmental mental center is not a commercial project, but rather a way to acquire independence and autonomy in the implementation of organizing, creative and professional capabilities my own and my learners, a possibility, without any fear of chiefs, bureaucracy and government balance, to quickly apply most up-to-date, irrespective of their price, diagnosing and treatment methods, which could raise the quality of therapy, and consequently the quality of life of our patients and their destinies.

He is known in the world.
Lives in a tiny apartment.
Got so many awards,
Always glad to assist you.
Hes a strict, well- trained teacher.
In Phoenix hes a parent.
Hes father to all patients.
A researcher, and a wiseman.
There are no hopeless patients,

And his patients are like children,Looking at their Professor,
Wishing to recover.
He will find a way to anyone.
He will help and understand you.
So a healer like this one
Always has crowds awaiting for him.

Lydia Lazareva

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